Carpet it Just Feels Better

Nothing brings a room to life like wall-to-wall carpet! it can create a whole new personality for you home. Carpet can make a small room seem larger, a large room feel cozy, or fill a dark room with light. And it not only looks pretty, it works hard for you too.

Carpet absorbs sound, it’s natural insulating qualities can reduce heating and air conditioning costs, and, of course, today’s ‘miracle fibers’ are designed to resist stains so clean up can be quick and easy.

There is almost no limit to the color and style combinations available in today’s modern carpets. Whatever your preferences there is carpet for you. But having such a variety of choices can be confusing. To assist you in making your choice we offer more information on the following topics:

Carpet Construction & Texture
Carpet Yarns & fibers
Carpet Stain Protection
Carpet & Your Health
Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance
Environmentally Friendly Carpet
Things you should know before the installer arrives

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  • tricountyfloors  On July 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    This is a great article, I’m excited to read some information on your upcoming topics.(Especially Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance)

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