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Carpet Stain Protection

Have you ever walked across a carpet only to receive a shock when reaching for the doorknob?  The reason for the shock is the buildup of static electricity in the synthetic fibers of the yarn.  It is the same electro-static buildup which works as a dirt magnet in your carpet. And it is this dirt which causes wear and tear.  Treatments such as STAINMASTER™ and Scotchgard™ dissipate static charge eliminating the magnetic attraction of soil. These treatments prevent dirt from clinging to carpet fibers so your carpet becomes cleaner when vacuumed.

With products like Scotchgard™ protection is a topical, water-based solution, and, therefore, wet shampooing can do more harm than good because excess soapy residue often masks the carpet’s protective finish. So always steam clean your carpet.  Scotchgard™ Protector should be reapplied by a professional carpet cleaner after the second or third steam cleaning.

STAINMASTER™ (originally a DuPont™ product) was, at its introduction, a large step forward in carpet stain protection.  DuPont™ developed a method of treating their yarns while they were still hot and the yarn molecules had expanded. After treatment the yarn is cooled and the STAINMASTER™ anti-static molecules are locked into the yarn.  This proved an exceptional upgrade in stain resistance. Unlike Scotchgard™, the tighter bond between the yarn and protection allowed more cleanings without loss of stain-resistance. Under most circumstances a STAINMASTER™ carpet can received three shampooings before stain resistance is lost. Since most carpets will be shampooed about every year and a half, most stain resistance warranties are 5 years.

Scotchgard™ has developed Scotchgard™ Soil & Stain Release which is a further refinement in carpet protection designed specifically for nylon and nylon blend carpets.  In addition to soil protection, it offers additional resistance for specific staining problems and a 5 year warranty for common stains.

Recently, Mohawk created SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer, the next generation of carpet fiber. Designed to fit the way you live, SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® combines better stain protection, better durability and better softness, all in one. It’s breakthrough innovation brought to you by Mohawk and DuPont, the trusted names in carpet and fiber for more than a century. Now, instead of worrying about your carpet, you can walk all over it— with a glass of red wine in hand.