What is the difference between vinyl and laminate floors; and the best use for each floor?

Both floors are easy to clean, durable, and will not fade over time. Both floors have impressive color and pattern selections. Vinyl floors are water resistant and have a cushy, giving feel to them, whereas laminate floors have a harder feel to the foot.

Vinyl floors:

Vinyl floors are best for people whose homes include toddlers spilling sippy cups, wet dogs shaking themselves dry, or muddy footprints from whoever forgot to wipe their shoes coming in from the rainstorm. Vinyl floors do not dent, fade, or stain and they are easy to keep clean.
Vinyl floors are flexible and soft to walk on. They feel “cushy” under foot.
Vinyl floors comes in many different patterns and colors, which gives artistic installers the option to create patterns with the vinyl floor.
Vinyl floors are good to install in the bathroom and in the kitchen because they are durable and water resistant.

Laminate floors:

Laminate floors are for people who want the look of hardwood or stone in their house, but do not want to spend a lot of money on the floor or a lot of time installing the floor. Laminate floors are also for the environmentally friendly, as they are not made with wood. Laminate floors are typically cheaper (20 to 25% less) and easier to install then traditional hardwood floors. Laminate floors are reasonably durable and easy to clean. Laminate floors can be placed in high traffic places in the home. Laminate floors are protect against UV rays, so they will not fade over time.
Laminate floors come in a large selection including domestic and exotic wood patterns and colors, porcelain tile and natural slate, and narrow boards and individual tiles.
Laminate floors are good to put in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. They are not recommended for rooms that have running water because laminate floors are not water resistant.

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